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How to Increase your Earnings on Opera News Hub

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In recent times, one of those trending talks among Creators on Opera News has been the issue of low clicks which invariably leads to a low payment at the end of the month. No doubt, this is sadonic and aggravates anger in the minds of this struggling creators. To be sincere, it isn't easy racking the brain all around all in the name of making sure the contents are being presented in a favourable manner to the readers.

Well, having studied the genesis of this community and most especially the stated modalities, I think most people are yet to get what works as against the existing rough ways of posting on the community. Truly, it not really about how many contents posted but rather even with those few, how you were able to present it to your readers in such a way that it drives engagement.

At this point, I would like to introduce to you some essential tips that would help increase your clicks as well as your engagement on this community. Trust me, the moment you adhere to these tips you wouldn't have any problem whatsoever in presenting your contents to the readers and in fact your revenue furnel would increase drastically.

Tips 1: Cathy Headline

Yeah! Just like one of the community Law says, there is a clear difference between a Cathy Headline and Click Bait. So therefore, a cathy headline is all what you need to convince your readers/viewers to click on your content. This part carrys 90% of your content. Once you are unable to instil suspense, curiosity, controversy in the minds of youe readers, just forget it they won't click.

Tips2: Your Content should provide what it promises in your headline.

If the body of your content does not provide the solution it promises in thw headline above, people would most likely run away from you. Why? Simply because they would see you unsave to transact with as such you have just lost integrity.

Tips3: Post Timing

Be mindful of this, it very important. As a curator, you should have known your audience or readers and know what time they would be available to read. No matter how good your content is, if it comes at the wrong timing, you would still record low clicks on it.

Tips 4: Consistency

I encourgae you to always post on the community. You are eligible to 5 post per day. Always try to exhaust this slots. With consistency, patience and preserverance you would achieve more revenue on this platform.

Tips 5: Always Share to other Social Media Platforms

You could also tell the impact of social media in publicity. Levergaing on this would allow your post get to more people which invariably would drive them to always come and engage with your content om the platform.

I hope this helpful?

Should in case you have questions, drop at the comment section. Thanks.

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