Things to take note of to prevent Scam

People get scammed on daily basis. These crime have existed for a long time.

Earlier, scammers had to do a lot of hard work as they have to set-up their act offline. Now, they have to make a beautiful site with unrealistic promise or offer which the populations are demanding.

People believes that online earning is easy, they blindly believe it without considering the hard work people put behind their success. So, when people looking for easy task jobs and good money, it creates demand.

Scammers, on the other hand, supply what people demanding by creating a site which offers easy jobs and good money. People enroll them on such site, work for one month and when the time came to withdraw money, they realize that the site is fake.

Key Factors

Someone can understand if a site is a scam or not by looking for some key points, like if the owner information is present on the site or not, a site offering unrealistic offers which are not possible in real life, the authenticity of the site and other points.

Similarly, people who ‘fall for scam’ also have some fundamental points, which no one can change. They are;

1) Ignorance

People live with their mind, they believe that anything wrong can't happen to them. We read and watch the news, people meeting with an accident, getting scammed or any other problems. Instead of taking precautions, Majority of people laugh after listening about somebody get scammed, and think how foolish they are. They Never understand why at first instance the other person falls in the scam.

2) Greed

Humans nature has greed. We all are greedy though the level are different. To deal with the real situation, we have to face the truth. Scammers are smart people they are always one step ahead and they take advantage of human nature.

There are different types of scammer operating and all of them always offer something which is unrealistic or not possible in real life.

Examples are; Online Job Scams: they offer easy tasks and good money. Free sign-up bonus from £15 to £25. Good referral commission of £15-£20. Monthly income of £400 to £1000 for doing literally stupid work.

Online Store Scam: they offer branded products at a heavy discount rate with free shipping or low rate of shipping. Some sites even offer 90% discount and charge only for shipping. This seems to be unrealistic but it is true people really fall for it.

3) Common Sense

People around the world think in a similar way. That is why scammers are able to scam people around the world by only one method.

A site which offers easy jobs and good money scam people around the world, as everyone trying to grab this opportunity and easy money-making.The majority of people believe that one can easily earn online. When scammer sells them the lie like refer their site to others and earn £10 on each referral, people never question the site.

As they understood on their own that the site owner instead of wasting money on advertisement, is willing to pay you for its publicity. Their mind got the logic and people start referring.

The only difference between a genuine site and scam site is that the genuine site has a real business to refer. For example, bolt provides credits to its user for bringing a new user. The work of bolt is Cab Service.

But in scam site, they do not have any service or product to refer, they just want people to bring more people and other people will also bring more people.

Secondly, Online shopping is now very common. People are very good at grabbing the best deal online.

When the scam site offers branded products at a heavy discount rate, people around the globe try to grab this opportunity and get scammed.

People are in a hurry to grab the best deal they forgot to check the site credential or authenticity.

Thirdly, when people receive money on their investment then it becomes hard to make them understand that the site is a scam.

Many investment sites do pay to its members initially. Now, the site has won the people trust and people start believing in the site.

They bring more member using their referrals. Investment site is using the oldest method to scam people, that is Ponzi Scheme. Still, people fall for it.

Fourthly, in Cryptocurrency or bitcoin mining sites are able to make people believe, the unrealistic interest rate is possible.

Majority of people don’t understand the cryptocurrency. They only know bitcoin due to its popularity.

People don’t know about cryptocurrency but they completely understand that high earning is possible in bitcoin due to its exponential growth.

People invest their hard-earned money in hype sites and earn initially. Later when much money is invested the site gets shut down and people never receive their money back.

Most people prefer lies

The reason behind it is that deep down in us, we like to live in a lie.

We believe in the magical world, people wining lottery, somebody becomes suddenly lucky and winning the big lottery, so on... These feeling are same around the world.

The reality of life is so harsh that people want to live in a world of lies. It takes courage to see things as they are and that is why the ratio of successful people and non-successful people is unmatchable.

That’s why in every nation almost 2% of the population has more than 50% of the wealth.

The main victim of all the scams is ‘middle class’. Due to scarcity and deprivation, middle-class people try every way to earn money, save money and make money.

People who want the job and money desperately, never questions the scammers. They buy the lie of scammers. Later they understand that they get scammed.

The Bitter Truth

Most People only look for the credential of any sites only when they get scammed. They become furious and suddenly try to take the site down and file a complaint to authority.They start questioning what the government is doing, and other usual stuff by then it's late. You can see my previous post of what to do when scammed


This article is like a mirror and we believe that to save ourselves from getting scammed is our own responsibility.

We must share the right information with others. I have share it with you, now it is your responsibility to share this message and information people around you. To defeat the scammers, we all have to do a joint effort.

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