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Easy bites are the big bites

By: Glorify Maleni

Fulufhelo Mulelu (22) and her cousin Amukelani Mnisi (26) are young entrepreneurs in Protea glen who run a successful restaurant called Easy Bites and they are also full time varsity students.

“The aim for the restaurant was to create a local urbanized taste of food which can make you bite your tongue, these food are coasted with the most finest spices and family recipes that were used by your grandmothers,” said Amukelani.

Growing up, Fulufhelo’s mother used to wake up early in the morning to prepare food for her customers on a daily basis, and through that she learned the power of hard work, passion, dedication and the love for food and everything you touch.

Having a business is not an easy job when you are a student because you do not have the time to focus on all of them at once, sometimes you have to juggle both school work and business but it does not always work cause one will suffer eventually.

“I look up to my mom, even when I’m at my lowest, I talk to her about everything and she also helps me a lot when it comes to business as I’m still growing, for me my mom is a hero because after losing my dad, she gave it all to ensure that we are fed and that for me is everything a mother can give to her kids.” Said Fulufhelo.

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Amukelani Amukelani Mnisi Fulufhelo Fulufhelo Mulelu


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