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See How Much Money the Jewelry of Captain Jack Sparrow are Worth! Care to guess?

Did you know that the value of Captain Jack Sparrow’s Jewelry is higher than an average car! & we know exactly how much!

F. Hinds, a jewelry specialist, has put a price on the jewelry worn by the pirate. Ahead of the release of the new Pirates of the Caribbean we are taking a closer look at the jewelry Jack Sparrow wears… ahem… Captain Jack Sparrow.

According to him, apart from being the worst pirate, Jack Sparrow might also be the wealthiest.

The jewelry specialist first analyzed each piece from Jack’s treasure, and then estimated its worth in the real world.

He valued Jack’s rings alone at a total of $25,000 with the iconic Skull Ring priced at $5,500.

Turns out that the Total Value of Captain Jack Sparrow’s Jewelry is Higher than an Average Car!

The Dragon Ring along with the Flower Ring sum up at about $8,000.

The Stolen Ring, which got in his possession while on his quest to find the chest of the Treasure of Cortes, is a 22 carat gold piece.

The value of this ring is at about $11,000 in Jack’s time, making it the most valuable of all of his rings.

Which one is the most valuable piece of jewelry he owns?

Another pricy piece in Jack’s possession is the Crown. Jack’s crown, which got into his possession after he stole it from the Isle de Muerta, is worth more than $260,000. The piece features pearls, blue sapphires and large semi-precious gems.

Not included in the initial evaluation is The Treasure of Cortes, but we had to mention it.

Turns out that the Total Value of Captain Jack Sparrow’s Jewelry is Higher than an Average Car!

“This treasure chest is jam packed with 882 pieces of Aztec gold coins, valued at over £3,000,000”, according to the message Becky sent me.

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