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Bad News For South Africans From Eskom

South Africans will have to fork out a fortune in electricity bills as Eskom aims to recover billions of Rands owed by citizens.

Energy regulator Nersa has given Eskom the green light to R13. 3 billion rand from South Africans.

The debt is for electricity supplied in the 2018/2019 financial year.

However, this will hit consumers particularly hard, as the country grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic.

South Africans have received the news with so much outrage and this is what they are saying :

@JustIma I’m sorry. How is it my fault that you’ve not recovered billions owed to you @Eskom_SA ? Why must I pay for those who haven’t paid? This is bullsh*t. Cut supply to the municipalities who have not paid. I’m not paying for their T H E F T.

@SupremeSly Nonsense. The economy is depressed, people are losing jobs and Eskom us planning this drivel...

@Maded76 So theft has now been legalised no consultation with the end user. When you steal and run out of cash the new culture is pushing the price up and the fuc*ers will pay.

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