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Relief For Motorists as Petrol Price Decreases At Midnight

The Department of Mineral Resources and Energy, headed by Minister Gwede Mantashe made a welcome announcement on Sunday, 04 October 2020. During their monthly briefing on price adjustments, the department revealed that fuel prices would go down as of midnight on Wednesday, 07 October.

The cause for the decrease according to the department's spokesperson is that there has been a decrease for all refined products made from petroleum in international prices. He also stated during the briefing that the average price per barrel of Brent Crude oil has lowered from $44.78 to $40.82. Another reason he mentioned was the average appreciation by South Africa's Rand against the US Dollar. The average in August was R17.28 to the dollar whereas the average in September was R16.72.

The changes in prices as of midnight will be as follows: both leaded and unleaded 93 will decrease by 23c per litre. 95 leaded and unleaded will drop by 32c per litre. Paraffin at wholesale level will go down by 76c per litre. Paraffin at retail level will decrease by R1.10 per litre. Diesel, containing 0.05% sulphur will decrease by 90c per litre whereas diesel containing 0.005% sulphur will have a price drop of 93c per litre. Lastly, LPGas retail price will also decrease by 20c per kilogram. Although the weather is wet and gloomy, there is at least some sunny news for the the pockets of motorists.

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