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China enforces lockdown on City as second Covid-19 wave hits

Jilin the latest city targeted by the deadly Carona virus known as Covid-19 is one of three provinces in North-East China. The name "Jilin" translates to "Auspicious Forest".

"The current COVID-19 situation is quite complex and severe, and there is a huge risk that the virus will spread further," Gai Dongping, Jilin's vice mayor said. According to Reuters China's Jilin city inforced strict travel bans after new Covid-19 infections.

Seven different provinces, including Hubei has reported new Covid-19 infections during the past two weeks. The Chinese city of Jilin is imposing new restrictions on travel in order to contain a new Covid-19 outbreak, with six new infections reported on Tuesday.

"In order to cut off the spread of the epidemic, we have decided to implement control measures in the urban area of Jilin," - Gai Dongping.

According to the local health authorities most of the Covid-19 infections can be traced to the city of Shulan that underwent a massive Covid-19 outbreak. Jilin is a huge city that borders on North Korea and Russia. Chinas health officials have called for vigilance in the country following the growing tensions in the city. China's National Health Commission reported a total of seven new Covid-19 infections on the 12th of May including one imported infection in Shanghai. It also confirmed eight new asymptomatic coronavirus cases on the same day, down from 15 the day before.

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