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Miss SA organizers accused of stealing paid voting system used in this year's pageant

A Joburg-based innovation organization has blamed the Miss SA association for taking its concept of paid retail casting a ballot in the current year's expo. 

In June, Miss SA was met with analysis after the exhibition reported its main 15 competitors and itemized how the general population can cast a ballot utilizing another paid framework. 

Miss SA uncovered that votes could be projected on the expo's site utilizing a Mastercard or go to a currency market counter at any Checkers, Checkers Hyper, Shoprite or Usave store and cast votes on the Computicket framework. 

Things Technologies CEO and author Mangi Tshikomba claims he was the cerebrums behind the retail casting a ballot idea after he moved toward Miss SA CEO Stephanie Weil in May with his "ProVote" thought. 

In the email seen by The Star, dated May 29, 2020, sent by Tshikomba to Weil, he proposed the thought and expressed that the Things Technologies' model would create the event R3.5 million from casting a ballot. 

"Our model works extraordinary, on the grounds that numerous individuals will have the option to cast a ballot even without charge or Visas. We have banded together with Nedbank and individuals will have the option to stack cash into their democratic wallet at all Nedbank branches, money store at many significant retail organizations (PEP, Ackermans, Shoprite, Cambridge, Makro and so forth). This will imply that individuals in municipalities and country zones can simply stroll into Shoprite and burden cash and decision in favor of their favored finalist," Tshikomba composed. 

Weil reacted on June 1 and Things Technologies later introduced the plan to Miss SA and their examiners PricewaterhouseCoopers through a Zoom meeting on June 3. 

"After my introduction, they simply disregarded me and I would catch up on what's happening and they would not react… I was stunned when they declared the new democratic model," Tshikomba revealed to The Star. 

He further stressed that the business as usual of what his organization introduced was unique in relation to Miss SA's paid democratic framework, notwithstanding, he accepted that the association took the center thought for a retail casting a ballot framework from his organization. 

In the letter of interest to Miss SA association, Tshikomba states that they utilized his idea, protected innovation with Computicket to his prohibition and without pay. 

Miss SA keeps up that Things Technologies' case was ridiculous truth be told and in law and marked the organization's charge as "a shrewd endeavor" to request installment from the event. Keeping up that it made no confirmations to the organization and that they had long-standing relationship with Computicket, Miss SA claimed that Things Technologies' earlier lead was in dishonesty or potentially misrepresentation. 

"Following Ms Zozibini Tunzi's success at Miss Universe, the association was advised that Mr Tshikomba enlisted the space name with the aim to request installment for the offer of the area name to the association or Miss Tunzi," they composed. 

Tshikomba said the space matter was disconnected to his thought.

Source:The Star

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