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Motorists hurry to fill tanks before midnight hike of fuel price


Motorists hurry to fill tanks before midnight hike of fuel price

JOHANNESBURG – With fuel prices set to rise sharply at midnight, many cash-strapped South Africans will seek to fill their vehicles, saying that it counts every rand.

The Energy Department announced the adjusted price increases for gasoline for July which will also see a significant rise in the cost of diesel and lighting paraffin.

Robert Maake, of the Energy Department, said the key contributor to the pump price rise comes as countries around the world ease their lockdown restrictions to revive the economy, boost demand for oil, boost prices.

"Petrol 93 octane increases by R1.53 and 95 octane increases by R1.72 cents per litre, diesel increases by R1.73 and R1.59 cents per litre, then diesel decreases by R1.

Some motorists said their tanks would be loaded before midnight.

"I'm filling up because rates are rising and everything is costly and I just want to get gas because it's going to be too costly tomorrow," said one motorist.

"I feel the pressure because of what we are going through with the pandemic at the moment, and it's bad for us, it's really bad for us," said another motorist.

"Inevitably, whether we're filling up today or tomorrow, we 're using the gas. It'd be good, though, if government could give us a bit of price relief," a Gauteng motorist said.

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