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RBZ hunts video boast cash dealer; govt milks SA returnees with R600 bus fare

THE Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Thursday offered a financial reward for the identity of a cash dealer who appeared in a video (above) with sealed packs of Z$5 notes, boasting that he was returning to business following the partial lifting of the lockdown. “The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, in collaboration with the Financial Intelligence Unit of Zimbabwe, is keen to interview the man to establish the circumstances under which he came into possession of the cash,” Governor John Mangudya said in a statement. Cash access is tightly controlled for the general public, owing to shortages, but foreign currency dealers inexplicably often have it in abundance. The central bank has been accused of clandestinely supplying black market foreign currency dealers with cash.

It previously froze accounts linked to businessman Kudakwashe Tagwirei, accusing him of fueling exchange rate volatility, but the funds were later released without incident. Citizens stranded in South Africa following the lockdown will have to fork out an exorbitant R600 in bus fare after the government struck a deal with bus operator Eagle Liner/InterCity Express under unclear circumstances.

The fare was between R350 and R400 before the lockdown. Diesel prices have since fallen to R11.80 per liter, raising suspicions the unjustifiable fare had agreed to unjustly benefit the company and senior government officials involved in repatriation logistics. Social media users have questioned why Zupco buses are not being deployed to assist the stranded returnees at a reasonable cost.

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