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Social Business-ing while Distancing

Social distancing, a term announced by the Public Health officials to reduce, stop or slow down the spread of this highly contagious disease, COVID-19.

The measures implicated are those of limiting large group gatherings, the closing of schools, universities and businesses, as well as the cancellation of various events and postponement of ceremonies.

Social distancing has not been 'fun' for a lot of home bound individuals. With boredom roaming and the work stress overflowing, here is how to stay connected with friends or colleagues during this distant period.

The internet is an AMAZING tool that can (and will) always keep you grounded and glued to your screen. Thanks to the ever-growing and vast improving field of Information Technology, the concept of online meetings or web conferences have been effectively made possible for individuals to use.


1- Efficient interaction between participants

In a normal boardroom setting of 20-25 people not often are all opinions, and matters that are raised, heard. With web conference tools such as Skype, Zoom or Slack, for example, allow you to listen to other participants and fully interact in that short amount of time.

2- Accessible to Stakeholders

With online communication tools such as the few mentioned above, gathering stakeholders for a business meeting is less time consuming and less chaotic as these online meetings do not compel stakeholders to leave their offices or homes to attend. Just a click of a mouse, the stakeholders are in the house.

3- Improved communication

By using effective online communication tools, strong participation and communication between remote individuals is offered. These web meetings have enabled the possibility to showcase an entire presentation created by colleagues or professionals for their audiences.


1- Participation/performance

The level of participation of the audience's participation , may not reach a certain expected level With issues varying from internet connection or software programme, something as tiny as that, can even bring the highest performer to appear uninterested.

2- Internet connection

Internet connection cannot be confirmed. Even the best roaming provider can have a few connection glitches here and there, it's inevitable. This sort of an interruption can reduce the seriousness of the meeting.


Given the few advantages and disadvantages of having an online web conference, the positives outweigh the negatives in the sense that staying at home and not calling on any COVID-19 infections is highly recommended and thus is a highly effective way to stay connected with bosses and colleagues.

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