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A video of SABC journalists being fed up with management

The South African Broadcasting Channel has been running on a loss for years now and till to this date, it has not been able to make profits. Today the journalists were fed up with one of the COO and they even chased him away. Phathiswa Magopeni who is the head of news today, gave journalists retrenchment letters because she believes that the station has to cut cost so that the department can manage to pay its employees. A video of Chriselda Lewis was trending today on twitter showcasing the bad treatment she receives and other journalists who work there. She is the senior journalist at the sabc and has been working there for many years covering stories of senior officials and other international people. Today she broke the silence and gave her opinion on what is regarded as political Appointees who know nothing about their struggles they face but they are quick to fire or retrench workers. Phathiswa Magopeni, later today in the afternoon retracted those retrenchment letters and apologized to her stuff saying that they acted irrational and this thing will never happen again. Phathiwa Magopeni has been with the sabc from 2018 and has damaged many people's health with her non negotiable attitude.

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