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Middle class in SA is an illusion

The world global pandemic made the governors and citizens of South Africa realise that “middle class “ is a fiction and there’s absolutely no middle class in South Africa (SA)

it is either you are rich or you are poor in SA, many of the so called middle class live hand to mouth when the month end they pay debt in order to get into another debt to see them through the month.

But, thanks to the government of SA and the Good Samaritans who actually decided to help the needy with food parcels and support them financially in forms of grant, even the middle class benefited this therefore means they had one less debt since the whole pandemic and lockdown.

The middle class are actually entitled citizens always causing chaos in the media about the land and what not , they live an illusion and are being sold Woolworths packaged dreams of suburb property . Living in bonds they hardly afford everything about them is materialistic and the forget about the long term goal of actually leaving a legacy behind.

May this pandemic continue to awaken the middle class and make them realise that you can have and decent flat in joburg, live in the farm and still make a fortune. Living in the farm does not mean that you cannot sustain suburban life or that you do not have enough money but it simple shows that you know what you want in life.

Wake up black child being rich is not about the manifestation of the materialistic things. Strive for wealth and not riches!

Content created and supplied by: Salomesky (via Opera News )

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