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In The Heat Of Xenophobic Attacks, ShopRite Is Closing Down In Nigeria After Many Years

Shop rite, a foremost South African brand in Nigeria is shutting down after decrying low patronage. Before xenophobic attacks shop rite used to be one of the most patronized brands in Nigeria with hundreds of branches and outlets across the country. Shop rite is one of the most popular and most reputable brands in Nigeria before now.

ThThe brand was relatively doing well because of the high population of the country and high patronage. Nigeria has the highest economy and purchasing Power in Africa, thanks to the oil money from the oil rich Niger Delta region of the country. However, shop rite started complaining of low patronage after some Nigerian activists started campaigning for the boycotting of South African products and brands because of xenophobic attacks. Some South Africans working for shop rites will have to return to South Africa when the brand finally shut down.

Nigerians have shifted their attention to local brands like Ebano and akanchawa and these local brands and many more are already springing up. Some Nigerians are rejoicing about the closing of shop rite as they declare it will give local brands opportunities to spring up. Many Nigerians have also shifted their attention away from MTN to Nigerian owned Globalcom and Airtel. They are asking Dstv to go with shop rite as well.

The boycotting started last year but was halted after the president of the two countries held a meeting and intervened. But during this pandemic shop rite came with the sad news that it will be folding because of low patronage. Some have dismissed it as mere rumours but others said it was because of the Economic hardship in many parts of the world occasioned by Coronavirus and the pandemic coupled with the preceding lock down that followed.

Some Nigerians have cautioned South Africans against their violent nature declaring that no one person has monopoly of violence. Though some Nigerians have already said that they will surely miss shop rite and all the fanfare, some have declared that they will never miss the brand. The shop rites outlets in Owerri, Lagos, Abuja, Kano, kaduna, Benin City and Onitsha are gigantic and were constructed with multimillion dollars. Shop rite Nigeria is worth more than 31 billion dollars. 

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