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Oldman did this to a beautiful lady after he saw her Staking Lotto.

After witnessing a fine lady putting her money on the line for the lottery, an elderly gentleman degrades her.

Many people in the country are being forced to do things they would never do under normal circumstances, but because of the current economic crisis, they are forced to put aside their pride and do them in order to provide for their families.

It appears that an elderly gentleman was perplexed as to why a lovely young girl would be so brave as to come stand by a lottery kiosk and stake some numbers she had calculated and was confident would be selected to play.

In the video, the elderly gentleman can be heard pleading with H.E. President Nana Akuffo Addo to visit the nation and observe the consequences of his poor leadership, which has led in women also betting on the lottery.

“Nana Addo, please come and see how the ladies are also staking lottery tickets as a result of the difficulties in the country.”

He was overheard saying something.


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Nana Addo Oldman


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