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Find out how this man spent his lottery money

The Mirror has given a shocking report on how Peter Charleton, who is from Australia spent his £500 000 in lottery money.

This after it was reported that he dedicated winning the lottery to his late uncle.He is reported to have went on and made something extraordinary as a way of appreciation.

Instead of blowing it all away, the humble Peter reportedly gave all the money away to friends, people whom he did not know, and to people who are financially struggling.

Winning ticket

He felt entitled to share the money and did just that with those struggling financially. How many people would ever do this? Would you even give a poor person a little share of it?

Well, Peter just showed the world that there are still selfless and loving people like himself. He did not share it with family members , but with strangers.

It is such generosity and selflessness which helps build loving societies. He had an option to spoil himself for a long time, but humbleness took the better of him. We need to be our brothers and sisters' keepers.

My brothers and sisters, we do not only refer to your family members only but anyone around your community. Christians have a saying which describes the love of money as the root of all evil. Peter on the other hand perhaps created another verse by his kind gesture. Peter has created a legacy for himself and shall forever be remembered as a man who shared his lottery money with the less privileged.

Some say money changes people's characters in a bad way, but Peter's character got transformed positively. He remained humble despite winning a huge amount of money and shared it with the poor. If you were to win lottery money, would you share it with anyone? How would you use it?

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