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Over R800 Million In Total: These Are The 5 Biggest Lottery Payouts In SA History

As each of the lucky winners chose to maintain their anonymity in order to enjoy their winnings in peace, you might have been sitting next to one of them without ever realizing it.

Since its introduction to South Africa in March 2000, the National Lottery has been the most widely played form of gambling there.

Following a very effective marketing campaign, approximately R70 million worth of tickets were sold in the first three weeks of operation, including more than 800,000 on the first day they were made available.

Since then, the nation's lottery scene has thrived and generated 8 thrilling lotteries, including the DAILY LOTTO, two power balls, three LOTTO variations, and two sport stakes.

The chances of winning big are quite remote; mathematically, your chances of taking home the first prize in the RSA Lotto jackpot are one in 20,358,520. At a 300 000 to 1 odds, getting struck by lightning is 7 times more likely than winning the big prize.

Thousands of South Africans still play the lotto every day in the hopes of striking it rich, despite this.

The national lottery has made several lucky South Africans instant millionaires since it began in 2000, dramatically altering their lives. The five greatest lottery winnings in South African history were claimed by the five lucky winners listed below.

5. R135.4 million─ 2020

The lucky KZN resident who won a staggering R135,366,753.00 on a Powerball drawing on Tuesday tops the list.

The player who used the FNB online banking app made the decision to remain anonymous.

Themba Msimango, a spokesman for FNB, told TimesLive that the customer purchased a R100 Quick Pick ticket using their online banking system.

4. R141 million─ 2019

A construction worker from the Western Cape who was 50 years old (at the time) is the fourth-largest winner on the list.

The man claimed that although he wasn't a frequent gamer, he had a premonition that he would succeed greatly. He added that a few weeks prior, his wife had a dream in which she saw gold dust being sprinkled over him.

The man goes to a Spar in Groot Brakrivier and buys a R105 Quick Pick ticket.

3. R145.5 million─ 2018

The largest prize winner in 2018 was a 34-year-old engineer from Secunda, Mpumalanga. Before the draw on Friday afternoon, the man bought the winning lottery ticket for barely R20 at a gas station.

He and his wife of three years spent the entire weekend reflecting on their newfound fortune after understanding they had won before stepping up to accept the award.

The pair also disclosed that despite playing the lottery for many years, they had never won more than a thousand rands before they scored the jackpot.

2. R153.5 million─ 2020

It appears that lottery participants had a successful year last year. Along with the R135 million winner from April, a different player won big in July with an R153 million winning ticket.

Despite not being a frequent player, the guy claimed that his in-laws had urged him and his wife to play.

The lucky winner had spent R300 playing the same numbers for 10 draws, according to information from Ithuba. His numbers, which have been played repeatedly for three weeks, had previously only earned him R28.

1. R232 million─ 2019

You never know who might be seated next to you—the biggest winner in SA one day. The lucky winner received the greatest jackpot payout in South African history, totaling R232,131,750.69.

The 50-year-old Cape Town resident told eNCA in February 2019 that he would not quit his work and that he had chosen to remain anonymous.

He claimed that while he had no plans to go on a wild shopping binge, taking care of his children came first on his list of priorities.

On the same lucky numbers he had been playing since 2007, the man only invested R22.50.

These were the top five prizes from the SA lottery given to the lucky winners, who collectively took home over R807 million in winnings and overnight became millionaires.


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