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Fiction:Punters are warned not to bet with the last cash as that might put their life at risk.

A man died after one team took him out of the possibility of being a millionaire.

The number of people invested in gambling has increased lately, which puts the number of people's life at risk. The limitation of jobs opportunities has made people gullible with hopes to change their lives. What is dangerous about gambling is that once your start, is difficult to quit.

All punters believe that they'll be rich with gambling, forgetting they might loose all money and their life as well. It is said this man played with a stake of R10 for a possibility to win R2. 5 million, but it all ended in tears. He played twenty teams, and the last game on the ticket was a game between Kaizer and Amazulu.

Hopes were already high for a punter since was only left with one team to secure the jackpot of 2. 5 million. The last whistle of the game it's where the man couldn't take it anymore, fainted and died right in front of his television screen. Therefore, this should be a lesson for all punters not to gamble with their hearts out because they might also loose their precious life.

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