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Brand new Toyota Hilux smuggled Bakkies were recovered by the SAPS & SANDF at the Mozambican border

This makes South Africans so angry because, they feel like foreigners are looting our country. It is like 1 poster that was posted by this lady saying, "she has traveled to Zimbabwe, and those people they are building their country at the expense of our own country.

As you can see that if they can manage to smuggle this bakkies into their country of which we know that, they are very few companies that can sell this original. As you know that the Japan's second hand cars that beyond repair, are being dumped in Africa. Africa has just become a dumping ground for the the fake cars and the rejects of the Japanese and Chinese.

So it is very rare to find such original cars like these toyota bakkies that they are smuggling into their countries. You go to Botswana Zimbabwe, Zambia, Lesotho and Mozambique, they are those Japanese cars that are very annoying in the road, that don't have even a stable front suspension. Accident can happen at any time, if it stops you struggle to figure out where is the problem, and it is also a big problem with parts, because some of the names that they have you can't find their pass in most of these shop that sells car spares.

These guys are looting SA our country. I want to believe that it is not the first time they did this. You may realise that there a lot of cars that are being driven into Mozambique that were taken illegally through the border.

They are driving at the expense of South Africa, actually at the expense of the owners of those cars, and you realise also that they are selling them for far less than their actual value. This way you can see that, we are being used and we are not being used to for good. We just hope that the foreign affairs minister may try to intensify some rules here and there for the sake of order.

JUST IN | Tracker officials, working with SAPS and SANDF, recovered 2 Toyota Hilux bakkies on the border with Mozambique. 

The 2.8 GD-6 and the 2.4 GD-6 were both stolen in Pretoria Over the Weekend.



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