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VIDEO: A man from Limpopo should have a Bakkie

A group of men from Limpopo have bought one brand vehicle, a Toyota, and they are emphasizing that as a man you should have this type of car. They are not senior citizen individuals because the car was known as a car for old people. They have gathered together to show their tradition.

They are assuring the next person who buys this type of car will enjoy the comfort. They are beautiful vehicles to have and drive from a nice height. Most people are going for different cars, which are seen as having the most thrilling attention-grabbing features on the road.


The lifestyle of people with these cars is very different compared with people who drive sports cars with a huge pipe sound. They do not have the heavy sound when it's on exelerator and with the lifestyle of nowadays, it is seen as less attractive on the roads than sports cars.

If you see how they are gathering together, you would want to join them, as more people coming from Limpopo are heavier when it comes to talking about something they love or have. They have given this type of vehicle a name that suits them. It is how bold they see the car, "MAKGOBOLANAGA."



1. Achers: A man should have a Bakkie in Sekhukhune.

2. Ocean: I want to have one and gang out with them.

2. Prince: The charcoal one I know it and the owner is Mmhlamatši who is my colleague.

3. Lethabo: The squad I told Thela about it. You can see it in their walk.

4. Ditiro: From Sekhukhune road. Enjoy the comfort of Toyota 2.4 GD6 whilst in KwaZulu-Natal roads are being closed.


The car suits the nature of Limpopo because it is full of mountains and adventurous, so this car is suitable for the heavy gravel roads of the province. If you love being off-road, then you should consider having it and you will not go wrong. They have a lot of affection for this car, and the price tag is not cheap either.

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