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Will you drive? The World's First Transparent Car image

Will you drive? The world's first transparent car image

Imagine you are traveling through a place in South Africa and everyone can see the inside of the car. Starting from the engine and seats to the passengers in the car. This can be seen in the first transparent car from the TRW car.

This new generation car was presented at the IAA in Frankfurt. It was brought to market by TRW Automotive as the first transparent half car. As the first of its kind, it makes enough noise in the automotive industry for its uses and benefits.

With life-size acrylic cars, TRW Automotive demonstrates the functionality of semi-automatic driving as well as other technological innovations to protect the driver and passengers in the car.

The company anticipates that over the next decade, cars will be equipped with smarter safety systems that can predict road conditions.

TRW Automotive's main goal is something different than what you think. You want people to see all these advanced airbags, new braking systems, and new steering products. Cars also have multiple sensors that collect data around the entire vehicle.

The transparent car also features an improved active seat belt system that helps manage the owner's energy in the event of a potential accident.

What do you think about this amazing technology? Isn't that a great way to showcase the latest technology all at once?

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