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South Africans to welcome the new Prim 8 manufactured right in the country:[OPINION]

The mureza is a new african car brand coming to South African with good car features and it seem that it will be affordable.

The Mureza has been out to make its debut in Johannesburg so they showcase and manufacture their cars.The Prim 8 seems to be the their first car thay they have introduced to South Africans and it received a very good welcoming warmth.

South Africans have not yet got into its style and you know the black twitter,they made fun of it and said it is for the ladies.

The Mureza have promised to come up with a bakkie that also looks stunning and with its features,it will actually take the cup for being a great bakkie.

With their company,the Mureza also want to create more job and use human hands unlike other car manufactures that uses robots and machines.

Do you think this company will survive the battle with these other top class car manufactures???the like of VW,BMW,Mercedes Benz etc???

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