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Do you still remember Hamilton Ndlovu, the man who bought 5 German cars at once. See what happened

Do you still remember Hamilton Ndlovu, the young man who bought 5 German Machines last year(2020) during Covid19 Level 4 in one day then posted them on social media.

He has been slapped with a R32 million tax bill from SARS for tax evasion. The judge says Hamilton Ndlovu exposed himself by flaunting on social media, it was discovered that he is owing tax for 5 years and yet he had guts to flaunt his new vehicles on social media which exposed him to the judge. Afterwards, some of his assets got confiscated and his account was also frozen, as it’s assumed he’s owing tax.

If you can calculate how much each of those vehicles is worth and to think of that he bought same time, then come to think of it...i mean which normal hard working who person would do that. These people are corrupt and some of them are always being defended and that is why they keep sucking the economy dry, what they are doing demonstrates greediness, selfishness and corruption, he bought these cars with money from PPE tenders enriching himself with money for the poor.

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