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When buying a second hand car, always check for this

Not everyone has the money to by a brand New Vehicle, so some of us have to resort i buying a second hand vehicle as our first car. However, that's still a great achievement, there's just something you have to look out for when you buy a second hand vehicle and that thing can be the difference between like and death if you get into an accident. All the details are down below as well as what it means.

Check this when buying your car or if you've already purchased one :

Before you buy a second hand vehicle or if you've already purchased one, take a look at the inside of the vehicle, search for any exposed metal surface, especially in-between the doors. What you are looking for is weld marks. Welding marks could mean that the vehicle has been completely rebuilt by welding pieces of two separate vehicles together. This is a common practice done by back door panel beaters and could be very dangerous for the driver in they were to get into an accident.

Why this may be bad :

This is bad because the places where the vehicles has been welded together is now a structural weak spot and may not hold if you are in a serious collision. There have been cases where vehicles have split down the middle when in an accident, leaving the drivers and passengers exposed to the chaotic collision. The pictures below show some examples of this.

As we can see it didn't end well for these people. While I can tell that not all welded cars end up like this, the danger is always there. So what do you think of these observations, tell me in the comments section and follow for more news as it happens.

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