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Traffic Police Took A Polo Drivers Number Plate (see why)

Regardless of how satisfying it could be to personalize certain aspects of your vehicle, you should never do it with the intention of pleasing anyone other than yourself. If you ever find yourself in a scenario in which you decide to modify your vehicle, you should always check to see whether or not your modifications comply with applicable regulations. You can see that a lot of polo guys have been out in large numbers recently modifying their vehicles to such an extreme degree that some of them have even ended up doing things that are against the law, and all of this is already resulting in tears for some of them as we speak.

Each and every car of any make found riding with a plastic number plate that is not screwed to the bumper is getting confiscated instantly. The reason why these number plates are getting confiscated is because according to the law of number plates in Mzansi, they should be in this condition. The traffic officers are out observing car number plates, particularly those of these customized polo cars.

In light of the fact that the police confiscated these number plates and instructed the people who owned them to obtain replacements that will be fastened with screws, what are your thoughts on the matter as a whole at this point? Please keep in mind that one of the primary reasons they are removing these license plates is due to the fact that they can be removed very easily by criminals as well as by the drivers themselves if they happen to find themselves in a situation nearby in which they want to get naughty and do some dirty stuff, so that they can't be traced. In addition to this, please keep in mind that another primary reason they are removing these number plates is due to the fact that they can be removed very easily by criminals.

In light of all that has been discussed up to this point, what are your thoughts? Please leave some feedback for us in the comments box below, and while you're there, be sure to follow my account so that you don't miss any additional news or updates.


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