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Polo drivers now spotted at Konka.

Konka has been the talk of the town recently, and there has been a lot of things that people are saying about the club, and one of them is that Konka isn't for people who do not have money, and in some way that may be true because the drinks and food at Konka are really expensive, so expensive that people have been able to spend over one hundred thousand rands in one day, so that is just a place where the normal person wouldn't wanna party at.

Well, it has been said that polo drivers are taking over and they have all the girls and guys, well it seems polo drivers have also started partying at Konka night club, as one of them was seen with his car parked at the Konka parking lot, which is the parking lot where you typically see the expensive cars such as Lamborghini's and Bentley's.

The fact that a polo driver was parked there and posed for photos kind of left people in shock and asking if he's really there to party and have a good time or is he really there to take pictures for hi Instagram like a lot 9f people are doing these days.

To be honest this is not surprising, can't someone who drives a Polo just decide to go and have some fun at an exclusive nightclub without being judged. For all we know it could be that the man bought that polo because he likes the car brand and not because he can not afford any other car besides the polo, but people quickly jumped to the conclusion that he doesn't have money to spend what is he doing at Konka.

I'm sure the club is welcoming to everyone and we really shouldn't judge a person because of what he/she drives.

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