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Please Call The PoliceIf You See This Benz (See why)

Looking at the issue of car theft in mzansi truth is no car has ever been safe especially whenever we got to the point nearby we started approaching the end of the year, Criminals has forever been desperate need of cash in a way that they took anything with 4 wheels and motor they came across but then looking at their thefts syndicates from an honest perspective, They never stole much of this new modern Mercedes-Benz cars reasons being that their security systems are too strong for them.

 Well it seems like this modern car's not getting stolen could soon be a thing of the past now because they have stolen another 1 using a different method they would use while stealing other types of cars, Refer to the pic attached below to see the stolen modern Benz and how they did it.

According to my source,

What happened when this beast you see up there was stolen was that criminals stole the owners handbag which had the keys of the ride then went for it and went AWOL with it. This is unlike our cars thieves they usually use wires to start cars but with this modern ones being a little difficult to start with wires they have come up with this thing of stealing the keys and take it without even have to break it or waste any of their time but to start and go

So now with things being these ways please do see to it that you are careful with your car keys, Stop hanging them on your trousers and putting them wereby your kids could steal them and go partying with your cars, Your child could get pocked while at the groove and that might be the end of your hard-earned car,

So no please share this article to spread the awareness and while you are at that, Please do see to it that you look out for the stolen Mercedes-Benz, If you happen to see it please do not hesitate to call your nearest police station please.

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