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Road Accident

Excellent tips on how to drive a manual car without looking at the gear- OPINION

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Evening lessons

Tips to drive a manual car without looking at the gear.

By looking at death rate of South Africa and causes of them, we normally find that the most cases are from cars accident and it is not because cars lead us to death but incompetence and ignorance of our drivers.

Today's lesson will be focusing more on how to drive, control and park the manual car without causing accident.

It is never difficult to drive a manual car but people are making it so difficult.

Rule number 1: Never leave the engine running and go somewhere else for more than 10 minutes. However, if you want to do so that means that will have to make sure your parking brake ia working properly and the car in on Neutral gear.

Secondly: While driving, please make sure your both side mirrors and blind spots are there for in case you want to overtake another vehicle.

Thirdly: Make sure to stay on your left as far as you can.

Fourthly: Do not overtake a car on N1 and always follow the speed limit per prescribed in order to avoid fines.

Lastly: Always make sure your safety belt is on, lights are working, brakes are working and the car tires are full.

According to the experts," First of all, you need to know the gears and their functions.

* Gear number 1

- You use this gear as the first gear whenever you start moving the car and it is also used for driving awy from a complete stop.

- You also use it for parking the car on the hil with the parking brake. You don't have to drive a long way using gear 1.

* Gear 2

- This is the second gear to rest the first gear.

-You use it for shifting into 10 Mph

- Commonly used for driving away from the stop.

- Also, you can never use gear number two to drive fast as it will need you to change it.

*Gear 3

- You use this gear for shifting up to 20 Mph.

- one of the fast gear that you can use but not for a long time. You can't also start a car at this gear unless it is a heavier truck.

*Gear 4

- You use this for shifting in mph 30.

- You can also use this gear to speed up for as far as you can but make sure there are no cars near you.

* Reverse also known as (R)

- You only use this gear for one purpose which is going backwards without looking forward.

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