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5 Zombie Proof vehicles You Need To See


We have seen a lot of zombie apocalypse movies on TV like the walking dead. Now what if we had a real life zombie invasion? What choice of cars would be best for your survival?

1. Black Ops Chevrolet Silverado

Let's begin by making a sensible decision. There is no denying that Chevy builds reliable trucks, and this particular model was created with unexpected crises in mind. The zombie epidemic cannot be classified as "unforeseen," but it is undoubtedly an emergency. In addition to lower body armor, raised suspension, a solar power pack, a generator, a military first aid kit, gas masks, a crate of food with Top Ramen and Twinkies (your new favorite food groups in this post apocalyptic world), and much more, the fully functional 44 has a 5.3 liter EcoTec3 V8 engine with plenty of power (355 horsepower, to be exact).

2. Motoped Electric Bike

You're going to require something swift and nimble. Undoubtedly, large, cumbersome trucks have their place, but a reliable friend on two wheels is crucial. For roughly $1,000, Motoped has a straightforward conversion kit that enables you to equip your mountain bike with a Honda 50-190cc motor.

Hyundai Zombie Survival Vehicle 3.

We'd say Hyundai is good enough for us if it's good enough for Rick and his group on The Walking Dead. Fortunately, the people at Hyundai take their research into zombie responses very seriously, as evidenced by the fact that one of their Elantra coupes has been fitted with a ton of security features, including a zombie plow with enormous spikes, armored windows, and spiked all-terrain tires for going where no other vehicle can.

4. The fully armored SUV Knight XV

Who says you can't live in lavish comfort in this brand-new post-apocalyptic society? The Knight XV is an SUV that combines luxury and toughness into one really awesome vehicle. A 6.8 liter V10 engine, six seats, night vision cameras, and bulletproof armor are all standard on the vehicle.

5. Gibbs Quadski Amphibious Four-Wheeled Quad

The question of whether zombies will be able to swim has been hotly contested for years. No, they can't swim, according to our in-depth research (hundreds of hours spent viewing zombie films and television programs). The 4WD Gibbs Quadski is ideal for navigating difficult terrain, and it can tuck its tires to enter the water in less than 5 seconds. You can travel up to 45 miles per hour on land with the 175 horsepower engine, which is quick enough to pass those zombie bastards in the rearview mirror.

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Black Ops Chevrolet Silverado Chevy


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