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All you need to know about buying a Volkswagen GTI?

While Volkswagen was not the first company to utilize the GTI acronym, many people believe it was Volkswagen that popularized the letter arrangement.

Nobody can deny the Golf GTI's success as the "father" of the hot hatchback segment, with a legendary reputation earned over eight generations.

The seventh-generation Golf GTI landed on local shores in July 2013. On the used market now, it is still a sought-after purchase. The GTD and R are not included in this tutorial because it focuses solely on the GTI.The manual version cost R368,300 at launch, while the dual-clutch automatic (DSG) version cost R382,800. Of course, there was an options list (as there always is with German marques), but even if you skipped the extras, the GTI's essential features seemed to satisfy fans.

It is 42kg lighter and has more torque than the sixth-generation model (350Nm compared to 280Nm). The power of 162kW was exactly double that of the original Golf GTI and 7kW higher than the previous model.The system was implemented into the program for electronic stability. It controlled understeer by applying targeted brake pressure to the wheels on the inside of both axles' bends. XDS+ was designed to keep things neat, allowing even the most inexperienced driver to navigate a Cape mountain pass without ending up in a ravine.

The impression of responsiveness behind the wheel was increased by a progressive steering system that needed reduced input angles. Three modes are available with the optional dynamic chassis control: Comfort, Normal, and Sport. Self-explanatory. Switching between the modes resulted in noticeable variations in suspension behavior, as well as acoustics.These technological advancements, together with the laudable MQB platform, have effectively turned the Golf 7 GTI into a fail-safe performance vehicle. Both the manual and DSG models claimed a 6.5-second 0-100km/h sprint time. The latter was chosen for its ease, as well as the ability to deliver the distinctive "vrr-pha" on upshift.

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