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Cars in Gauteng are in danger, see what thieves do to them

Imagine coming back to the car dealership, all proud of your recent accomplishments and order – a car.

Now, let's rewind the clock and remind you of the danger that involves buying and driving a car in South Africa in general.

Car enthusiasts might be aware of scams and whatnot but the average car owner is not that smart, so we'll take you down on the most devastating thing that could happen to your car currently. Given the fact that you might own a VW (Volkswagen), and no, it won't be stolen but something more important will be.

Report :

Around the country, there's been a trending theft of headlights and car badges. Although, the primary target for this vandalism is mainly happening on VW Golf GTIs and any car that has the branding.

One person on social media, reported that his brand new car is now missing headlights after leaving it in the parking lot for a few minutes only to come back to this shocking revelation.

The man claims that he was having a nice and chilly Saturday until he came across this problem. Shortly after posting, a number of users also said that they faced the same problem – their cars being vandalised and having missing parts.

Here is the picture of his car after the incident :

In Gauteng, VWs are known as the prime targets for highjacking and sometimes being used as the getaway car during criminal activities.

Now, highjackings are the least of your worries as you might want to assign someone to watch over your car for proper protection around the clock.

The act is estimated to happen quickly, as one user posted a video showing criminals in action and then finishing the job within a few seconds.

However, it is quite unclear what tools are being used and how the resale of the stolen parts even works.

So, let this be an awareness to potential victims and all those dreaming of the brand new VW.

We are yet to see Volkswagen address the issue and take measures to prevent this from happening to their new releases.

What do you think of the matter? What measures do you think VW must take to prevent it from happening again?

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