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The Flying Car Is Finally Certified

27 January 2022

As the saying goes, 'for the longest of time, man has always wanted to fly', we are getting closer and closer to that realization by the day. First the Wright brothers invented the airplanes and they have been so modernized that only the richest people can afford to buy them, however that is all about to change.

(Image: The Klein Vision Air car Flying Car)

The name of the company is called Klein Vision and they have just received a certificate of airworthiness from a government body called the Slovak Transportation Authority. Traditionally when people can't afford private jets they almost usually settle for helicopters, the Klein Vision flying car perhaps is a much better option than a helicopter because when you land, you won't have to get into a car, you can simply drive-off to wherever you want to go.

The flying car is powered by a BMW 1.6 liter engine. In order for it to get approved it had to go through multiple testing phases including take offs, landing, and also some aerial maneuvers. This is definitely a huge sign of how future transportation will be, we only get to see cars like this in science fiction movies. The flying car can go up to 170km/h and it can fly for a distance that is approximately 1000km.Watching the car transform is like watching the movie Transformers all over again. The best part about it is that it only takes 2 minutes for the flying car to transform from flying to a normal road car. It only requires a distance of 300 meters to take off. This is definitely what good engineering and brilliant ideas can achieve.

What are your thoughts on the flying car, if you had the budget would you get yourself one? Leave your thoughts on the comment section, like, share and follow. The future is here.


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