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A Lady Show People How She Drive a Car With Her Legs, Mzansi is Impressed after seeing the Video

Date: 22/07/01


A Lady Shows How She Drive a Car With her Legs, Mzansi is Impressed after seeing the Video

We are all not the same and some of us were born with legs, hands and others. We are all unique.

A lady who has no hands show people how she is driving her car with legs. Lots of people were very impressed after seeing how she was driving. They even commented with good Comments only but as we know that there will also be people who comment different.

Some were asking lots of questions others were saying that she is doing a good job. Here are some of their comments.


Just because someone doesn't have hands it doesn't mean they can't do other thinks like driving. She is very good with driving.

What do you think about this?

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