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GOOD: King Monada bounces back after his M4 was taken


His M4 was repossessed during the week and someone were enjoying his downfall moment, which it did not last longer than they thought. His lifestyle was now downgraded because he lost a valuable asset and it is one of the world's loved vehicle.

Even though it was bad for him to lose his car, he bounced back harder with two vehicles, which one of them is the Mercedes Benz Viano, and their words saying he is broke are not relevant anymore. You cannot keep a good man down. He is hustling in his own way, which other people loves it.


Their hatred is not also good for themselves, because they are not comfortable and not focusing on their own lifestyle to make it better than it was before. The dragging is not going to propel them forward in their lives, and it becomes a source of motivation for others.

He is not the first person to go through such an encounter in their lifestyle and now is no longer the same as it used to be. Especially on the social networking sites, people are pushing a hatred movement to make others feel bad. King Monada is in this situation, but it is old news for himself.


Even though he may be feeling bad from them as they are enjoying his downfall, it does not determine the next day and everything that is bad for anyone in general is a learning curve. Now he no longer has to have one car for every occasion, but having two for various occasions.

The two cars are speaking for themselves while the public domain is busy meddling in his lifestyle, only because of his vehicle (M4). There is no march to explain his lifestyle, or maybe he wanted to get rid of the car without paying or trading it to get the other two vehicles he wanted, which are beautiful.


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