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Polo Driver Got Attacked For Doing This To His Car (see pics)

Although it is no secret that guys driving this polo guys are the guys who suffer the most when it comes to loosing cars to criminals through car hijacks and theft, One aspect you can never take away from the very same South African VW polo drivers is their love and desire to personalize their rides and nearly everything around them with the golden intention of attracting ladies due to the fact a lot of girls today loves guys with drip and so on, and they appear to be those guys in means so far.

Well although all customization of cars is intended to increase the car's performance or make it appears more attractive than it was when it left the factory, It looks like some car owners now just do it too much and as you all know that too much of anything is not good. They end up ruining theirs car's looks making them to appear like some sort of moving jokes, For example take a rapid look at the kind of customization this Polo in the pic below has.

As plenty as it may have costed to add all this stickers, a lot of human beings do not seem to like what they see on this ride. See what some people had to say regarding the looks of this ride on Facebook after they all noticed this picture of this polo.Read their comments in the screenshots below

If you should sit and observe many of this comments it is crystal clear that the majority of the feedback a lot of people appear unimpressed,

One can say this could have been heartbreaking for the car owner to see that after spending all his thousands on this rides people still disproved it and not only did they do that, Some even went as far as making jokes about it however what do you as a reader assume about this ride? Do you think it is dope or nah? Please leave Some comments beneath

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