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Here are 7 Funny VW Polo memes that may make you laugh. Opinion.

The VW Polo is arguably one of the most popular vehicles in South Africa and because of this it's no surprise that many people have made memes about them. Below are seven of the funniest ones I've found.

While the meme is calling this swag, it looks like something very different to me. This looks like one of the vehicles that are rebuilt by people with not a lot of money, so they end up using different parts from different cars. Essentially making it look like a clown car.

If there is one thing I've found myself noticing alot, it's that guys who have VW Polos almost always have girlfriends. While this may just be a coincidence, I believe that it's because VW Polo owners are good at flirting and the car looks good.

Unfortunately if you buy a second hand VW Polo you may find yourself in this situation quite often, where the car has so many problems, fixing those problems become your main priority.

Unfortunately I have to agree with this one. Yes VW Polos are good looking, but it's surprising that Kia managed to make a diesel car that actually looks better than them. Maybe Kia will Soon be taking over as one of the most popular cars in South Africa.

This is hilarious, but it also may be why so many people spend money to change the rims on their VW Polo. Because the stock rims have the same design as a garbage bin.

Unfortunately, a lot of people spend the majority of their money customizing and modifying their VW Polo. While it's okay and it's their choice, what's the point of buying a car if you have to modify how it looks to be happy with it.

We're these memes funny or not, tell us in the comments section and follow for more lifestyle news as it happens.

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