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Warning| VW Car Owners Need to Be Aware Of this New Criminal Act

Date: 25/10/21



One of the most used cars in South Africa has to be the Volkswagen (VW). For many years, this car has been a status symbol for many and a show of style for some but overall, thousands of South Africans enjoy driving a VW car. With so many cars like these on the streets, there surely has to be crimes that work around them.

South Africa has the highest hijacking rate when it comes to VW cars, especially the golf and the Polo. Now there is a new criminal act that is going around that is likely to affect the very same two car models that are being stolen so much.


It has been reported that the criminals of South Africa have started targeting VW cars in the parking lot. What happens now is that they do not take or hijack your car but they just steal certain parts. One of the most common part that is currently being stolen are headlights.

In the black market, these sell for a lot of money and because they are so easy to remove, many drivers are at risk of having their car lights stolen. It is very important that VW drivers be warned about this new criminal act as no one wants to drive at night without headlights.

To make sure that they do not temper with your car one needs to make sure where they park it is very safe. Having such a car will mean that you need to be extra careful where you park your car.

Below are pictures of cars that were a result of such criminal acts:





Driving a Volkswagen in South Africa is an extreme sport nowadays. No one knows if they are going to hijack you or they are going to steal your headlights. The best way to protect yourself is to know exactly the race that come with driving a VW and to be very cautious about where you park your car and where you drive it. Using an underground parking in a secure area is more safer than just packing it outside.

What is your take on the matter at hand?

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