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The End Of V12 Engines For Lamborghini

25 January 2022

Although the Lamborghini is highly considered as a poster car, it can definitely back up it's futuristic and aggressive looks by it's performance figures. Most specifically their well renowned V10 and V12 engines. The engines undoubtedly make some of the nicest and most harmonious sounds on the road than any other cars, except perhaps for the Ferrari V12 Engines. This makes the Lamborghini one of the greatest Italian cars on the road, which is why it may be sad for some to find out that 2022 is the year that Lamborghini will make their last V12 Engines ever.

The Lamborghini Aventador line produced some jaw dropping figures when it made it's debut and they have constantly been developing new methods to make the engine produce even more power over the years. However we live in a time and age where caring for the environment is no longer an option, it is enforced by law. There is a certain level of emissions that car manufacturers must follow, and unfortunately in order for them to do so, they have to decrease engine capacities and use alternative methods like electrification, specifically hybrid cars.

This is the Lamborghini Aventador LP780-4 and it will be the one that bares the last V12 Engine for the car manufacturer, it will have 780HP as the car's name suggests and it will have a four wheel drive system. Only a limited number of 600 units will be produced, therefore if you are keen on getting one for yourself you need to have your check book ready.

The car will be one to be remembered as Lamborghini's greatest works. What do you think about the move that manufacturers are making to go hybrid? This will mean that most cars will not have a good resell value anymore, because if everyone buys electric, who will want the combustion engine cars anymore?


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