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All motorist should know about new traffic rules and getting a fine

The administrative Adjudication of road traffic offences (Aarto) Act hd introduced a new penalty for all motorist who is driving wreckless.They will pay a R100 extra on every infringement that is committed.

This levy is not new ,however it was signed into the Aarto Act law in August 2019.It was again highlighted in the Aarto Act regulations recently. It was a rwport that was gazzeted by Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula it stated

"The penalty levy contemplating in regulations 36 is payable on every infringement commited and followed up by all the processes prescribed in the act. This levy shall not be subjected to a discount referred to in column 4 below.

The Automobile Assosiation (AA) said that this new penalty levy is a stealth tax. With regards to the penalty ,the regulation directly imply the imposition of a regarding the value if the fine.the motorist will pay a additional R100 towards his or her fine.

Examples of this is if a motorist get a fine for R200 or R2000 than they must pay a additional R100 .The AA highlighted that the 20million infringement notices that are recieved.It gets issued annually,this could amount in a 2 billion windfallfor the Road traffic infringement Agency. (RTIA).

Layton Beard from the AA said to the Rapport newspaper that motorist who pay this additional R100 penalty will not get the R100 back. It means that even motorist who are being fined wrongfully will pay a penalty fine and wont get it back.

It is another way for all motorist to drive safely , keeping the rules fir the road,and they wont get fined if they drive appropriate.

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