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You Can't Believe What Was Found By The Police At Beitbridge On The Way To Congo

After Tracker recovered a stolen Volvo XC60 on a truck at Beitbridge border post, Tracker alert official checked other vehicles and also recovered a stolen Audi S3 on the truck. Both were prepped for export to The Congo.

It has also been revealed that this has been happening for quite some time now and it seems like the police are just sitting on their hands and not doing anything about it, not like it is very hard for them to stop vehicles which are being smuggled out of the country.

In some cases, they are mainly not interested in doing their job and one has to wonder why is that, of course the police are being paid a very small amount of money for their efforts which is something that could also contribute to us their discretion.

If people can see how we are treated in our country. Anyone living in Johannesburg? visit address number 85 Simmons Street (powerhouse) it’s a rank for buses and see the smuggling, there are all kinds of vehicles which are parked in that area.

Which are destined for to be smuggled out of the country, it is unclear at the moment what is going on but we know that these syndicates tend to fraudulently used fake papers in order to smuggle these vehicles out of the country.

It is alleged that the police know very well about this address but they never go and raid the place, in order to check if all the vehicles which are at the premises are legitimate vehicles.

The smuggling has become something that is made into a norm and of course ordinary members of the public are the ones who are left to play victim from all the crime which is happening right around them, by the way things are going we should just understand that the smuggling and stealing of vehicles is not something that’s going to go away anytime soon.

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