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VIDEO: Shaun Stylist gives Umama a Mercedes C63 for test drive


Shaun, the stylist gave Umama a great experience in driving his Mercedes Benz C63 and she loved it. Her expression was amazing, and people from the comment section were happy just to see a senior citizen driving a beast of a vehicle. It is very good for her to let her test drive the vehicle.


In most cases, people are talking to their mothers or parents for a ride themselves, but if they know how to drive, it is wonderful to give them the car to drive themselves. Moments like this that Shaun has made for her are priceless and she will be happy about it. She even said she is going for a drive.


That is another moment he made that is also priceless, and the expression was made in her home language. One person even adores her hat, which bears an ANC emblem. Yesterday he was having breakfast, and today he saw it as a perfect day to give Umama the experience of driving the C63.


It is very convenient with the temperature or whether to feel the air while driving on the road. It is also amazing when you are driving in a lower gear and greeting other people on the pedestrian side. Sometimes it is wonderful to drive a car at a low speed just to enjoy it more.


You don't have to speed to enjoy the C63 and that is how Umama is driving the vehicle. It is very good that she won't find herself in a bad situation, such as an accident that she should have avoided. Older people are very strict about doing something that is not within the rules, just like driving under the speed limit is what you will encourage.


It would be more wonderful if he took her out for a meal or just spent the entire day with her. It will also be one of the best days of his lifetime when he goes down memory lane. It is simply to make your grandmother or parents happy with anything that you have and can afford. If it is buying something they love, it is also wonderful because it is the thought that counts more.

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