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A Man Turned Into A Laughing Stock After He Posted A Photo Of His New Car As People Spotted This,

Date : 04 December 2021

Social media has been buzzing after a certain man by the name of Nkgweng on Twitter uploaded a photo of himself buying a car at the dealership. Indeed it is absolutely beautiful and priceless to find yourself being able to buy a car more especially the car of your dreams . Buying a car has been said to be one of the priceless milestones that usually ends with emotions as people get to be grateful for what they have . Many tend to celebrate being able to buy cars as it is their long time wish to find themselves owning a vehicle in one of the good days and that is truly motivating to others.

Twitter user by the name Nkgweng uploaded a photo on Twitter when he was at the garage and captioned " Let me testify, God is great. I just bought a brand new car at 24". He left many people motivated to work hard in order to see themselves climbing greater heights at a young age. On the photo he was standing next to the dealership's salesperson holding a bottle of champagne. Hundreds of people commented on his post and congratulated him for the such a milestone but people were left talking after they spotted his underwear that looks so unusual .

He wore his pant and made his underwear to be more visible. He was wearing a black lace like underwear and many were left in shock. It was a bomb to many people wondering how he could wear that. Masses were left with so many questions that were not answered but others immediately concluded that he is gay. Many were left in disbelief because of this and they wish they could get clarity about this . What is your take on this matter?

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