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See the first car made in South Africa

Source : mugomba nowa ya thavha (Facebook)

South Africa seem to be growing alot in terms of developing things of our own.We already have a man who has made the first phone in South Africa which sold alot a year ago.But now we have finally launched a first car in South Africa.

A man went to facebook to post this such gesture and talent from some guys from Venda.He posted tha "the 1st South African car "MUREZA" was launched and Thivhilaeli Mudziwa and his partners are behind this look-like impossible dream...the very same guy has recently launched the App that works like Uber, Bolt... and his one is the better one of them all and it's called "t-Drive" this is impressive..young man you have just shown the world that it's possible..from VENḒA henefha MARAXWE.. I am INSPIRED and MOTIVATED by you young man..i cannot go to JOBURG in Big dealership looking for a comfortable hatch-back car..where's MUREZA is just around the corner Nope! I cannot take Uber, Bolt when T-DRIVE is around Nope..He had a dream..he followed has MANIFESTED... let's support him...bring it home boy...all i know is that the world is gonna know about you wether we support you or not...!!! #Inspired".

This is truly an inspiration to the young people to realise that any dream is valid and you can do everything.Such talent potrays how South Africa is gifted.We never thought that one day South Africa will launch a car made from boys from rural areas.Its possible black child!!!!

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