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Drive less, and implement petrol saving tips to reduce fuel costs.

The increase in fuel prices is not going to go away anytime soon. As long as people will be using their cars, they should be prepared to pay for petrol price. Either way since motorist will have to find ways of how to cope with the increments. With these upcoming fuel increase, experts have shared some tips that motorists can implement to lessen the blow of the fuel price increase. Here are the tips -

  1. Start a carpool with your colleagues or people who use the same route as you to and from work
  2. Try and travel outside the peak hour to and from work or in any other destination you to go to
  3. Negotiate with your employer to work from home if possible
  4. Drive at moderate speed
  5. Switch off aircon or heater and open window or wear jacket to keep warm if its cold
  6. Limit the number of time you must drive on weekend and only drive when necessary
  7. If you must drive, combine your activities such as catching up with friends and doing shopping at the same time
  8. Look at the car insurance if there is an insurer who reward you for driving less
  9. Look at purchasing a fuel economical car that will not be heavy on fuel
  10. If it all fails, and you can cope with using the non-existing and inconsistent public transport, sell your car and travel with public transport. This will need a lot of evaluation of the form and the availability of the public transport

The fuel price that will be implemented tonight, it will not be the last this year, there will be more to come. Motorist will have to adjust their behaviour to reduce their fuel usage. Regardless of how we look at it, it is tough, it is a bumpy ride, we need to all buckle up.


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