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Best SUV in 2021: This is my top 10 list, which one is the best ?

The race for the best SUV in 2021 is proving to be one of the toughest the motor industry has ever face. For starters, SUVs are the first to be affected whenever there is an economic challenge and with the global pandemic of 2020, the sales for luxuries SUV are likely to plummet as more and more people opt for smaller cars. But on the engineering side itself, many companies are trying their level best to take their pie on the market. Unlike the smaller hatch bag and sedan, SUVs cost a hefty price, and establishing a loyal following is every company's dream.

So which company is leading the pack so far? I would say Hammer is proving to be a tough competition.

1 Toyota Kluger

2 Audi Q5

3 Peugeot 3008 and 5008

4 Mazda CX-9

5 Mitsubishi Outlander

6 Kia Sportage

7 Alfa Romeo Stelvio

8 Jeep Grand Cherokee

9 Volkswagen Tiguan

10 Jaguar F-Pace

11 Hyundai Tucson

12 GMC Hummer EV

Content created and supplied by: IzindabaZabantu (via Opera News )

Hammer Toyota Kluger


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