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Take a look at some of the cars ruined with spray paint

Cars are expensive and to maintain it is just as expensive, in a situation where someone had to ruin your car with spray paint by writing a message on it or just by spraying your car randomly, on a scale from 1 to 10 how angry would that make you.

Some people have had their cars sprayed with spray paint by their lovers for cheating and some people's cars have been painted to make a statement, either way your car is ruined and it will cost you thousands of rands to spray your car again but it also depends on what car you own, if it is a luxury car like Ferrari then you will be taking out way more.

To spray paint someone's car is an offence and you could do some jail time for vandalizing someone's property, some of the messages may be funny on these cars but it wont be funny to the and it wouldn't be if it happened to you, to spray paint someone's car takes a lot of guts because if that person were to catch you he would probably beat you to death with ahis bare hands.

Today we take a look at some of the cars that have been ruined with spray paint, I wonder what the owners reaction was when they saw their car in this state, do drop a comment on what you would have done in this situation if you knew who did this to your car.

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