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Watch as People are Talking about the New South African Car That Costs R150 Per Month: See (Opinion)

Source: Instagram, Twitter.

People of South Africa Can Stop Talking about the New Car, which is reportedly R39 000, but R150 per month.

The Car was Originally produced in India by a Motorcycle Company, the Car is Not really a Car for Travelling long Distances, hes it has an Engine Below 1 liter, which would explain the top speed of 75kmh.

The Car is on the other hand A Reliable source of Transportation, hense its been reported that it Costs only R230 for a Full tank, it also uses petrol.

For people who do not mind owning one of these, you would really be doing you self a favour, although as people we never see eye to eye, so many do not really see it that way.

Another Thing about this car is the Fact that it uses really an Engine of a Grass Cutte, which really would mean something else if your a person who lives in a place with high heals.

Just like every other products the car does have some Cons as well, hense if you turn while speeding the Car could Overturn to its side even roof it really bad.

Overall you'd have to be A good and Vigilent drive for this type of wheels, but other than it being reliable it really something many people could use for Easy shoes.

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