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OPINION|| This is why the Toyota Avanza is worth buying.

Most South Africans are always looking for a car to buy, but most people always want to buy sporty and expensive cars, that will allow them to show off to colleagues and their peers. This is one thing that leaves people paying more money for a car than they can afford. It is always better to buy a car that you can afford and is strong and reliable enough to take you from point A to point B.

Purchasing a car is one of the hardest things out there, especially when you are buying it on finance, the last thing you want to find yourself doing is paying for a car that you do not like, so choose wisely when you're at a dealership, always make sure you can afford the car and it won't cause any money problems while paying for it.

One of the most reliable cars in my opinion is from the brand Toyota. Toyota has established a reputation for making some of the most reliable cars across the globe. One car that hasn't gotten the attention it deserves, and that car is the Toyota Avanza. There is a few reasons why you should buy the Avanza.

1. Perfect for families.

Most people struggle to find a car that is just perfect for their family. Well, the Avanza is one car that has enough space which allows a whole family to fit inside it.

2. Safety.

The Toyota Avanza was put through some tests by the NCAP rating, the NCAP is responsible for testing the safety of pedestrians. The Avanza ranked pretty well and passed the safety test for passengers and it also passed crush tests.

3. Good for business.

If you have lived in a township around South Africathen you know that a Toyota Avanza is one car that is used as a car for making an income, the Avanza is used as a taxi cab all around townships in south africa.

Honestly, I think it does fit in, in the taxi business as it is very safe and has a lot of space to accommodate a lot of people.

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