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Linda Mntambo's affordable car collection

Most PSL players in South Africa like nice cars, and some of them like them a little too much.

But even though they make a lot of money, some of these professionals still drive cheap cars.

Linda Mntambo, a midfielder for Orlando Pirates, has been one of their best players for the past few seasons, and he is now one of their stars. Off the field of play, when he is not wearing club gear, Orlando Pirates jersey number 32 tends to stick to a budget when it comes to his choice of cars.

With that said, we've decided to take a look at Linda Mntambo's cheap car collection, which he often shows off on his Instagram account.

1. Ford Figo

At the Orlando Pirates camp, many of the top players drive cars from top brands like Volkswagen, BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and Range Rover. In the case of Linda Mntambo, the midfielder is in good shape and owns a Ford Figo, so he knows how to get around cheaply.

On the site of the car's maker, the price ranges from R216,300 to R2663,000, depending on the extras. The winner of the 2020 MTN 8 took to Instagram a while ago to show off his cheap car. He was caught at a gas station filling up his tank.

2. VW Polo

By looking at his Instagram account, we now know that Linda Mntambo also owns a white VW Polo, which she tends to show off more often on the popular platform.

The standard VW Polo costs R315 000, according to the site of the company that makes it. In the football business, the cheap ride is often thought of as a starter because many young players buy one when they sign their first professional contract.


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