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Mzansi left impressed: Drip Sneaker Owner buys three employees BMW cars

When you take a good care of your employees, they will in turn return that favour and take a very good care of you and the business that have been doing more than well in their hands. Here we get to witness a story of what seems to be a more than health working environment that everyone wishes they worked at.

Photo: Facebook @Lekau Sehoana

The founder of South African popular and number one sneaker brand Drip Footwear, Lekau Sehoana impressed many when he took it to his Facebook account to announce in a post that he has bought three cars for his three employees.

Photo: Facebook @Lekau Lehoana

Photo: Facebook @Lekau Lehoana

"The intention is clear, build a business that takes care of its employees. This is a story of a South African sneaker brand. Congratulations to these hard working guys. You have been very instrumental in the building of these brand. The better way to drive you to greatness is obviously this.

Thank you BMW Midrand for being a thoughtful partner. We have built this relationship throughout the two years of drip and to this point of greatness. What a beautiful journey. Congrats Team," read a post on Lekau Sehoana's Facebook page.


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